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Word on the Street is a collection of StoryMaps created on Esri’s ArcGIS platform designed to bring epidemiological data to life. Featuring authentic narratives from young women and men in South Africa and Kenya, Word on the Street shares the sexual and reproductive health needs of these populations, as well as their ambition and hopes for the future. The StoryMaps also include interviews with local key influencers, healthcare providers, researchers and policymakers.

Word on the Street: South African Women Share Their Reproductive Health Stories

Word on the Street: Kenyan Women Share Their Reproductive Health Stories

The MPT Mini Video Series is a new audiovisual project aimed to raise awareness about MPTs and bring digestible bits of the MPT story to your fingertips. The series kicks off with an introduction to the first-ever MPT in “King Minos & the First Condom.” In the second video, “If I Could Talk to the Scientists…”, we hear first-hand from health professionals at Wits RHI on the potential of MPTs to improve sexual and reproductive health.