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Iana Simeonov, Strategist

Iana Simeonov is an innovation consultant and digital health strategist focused on building the entrepreneurial and technical capacity of healthcare, life sciences and public health organizations. Simeonov has catalyzed and facilitated the design and implementation of consumer-centric technology innovations across the healthcare spectrum, discovering opportunities, engaging stakeholders, creating value and driving operational efficiency in organizations such as UCSF, Genentech, Continuum Clinical, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, UWG Inc. and the Public Health Institute. Simeonov serves as an advisor to CAMI Health and the IMPT, providing guidance on strategy and emerging technology. She also directs and consults on other independent grant-funded projects based at PHI. Her areas of expertise include consumer insights, social marketing, branding and communications strategy and integrating mobile and social media components within public health programs, particularly those focused on low-income or at-risk audiences. Simeonov has developed and launched statewide and national health marketing campaigns and is a pioneer in the field of mHealth, which exploits the near-ubiquity of mobile phones to provide health information and education, perform research, serve as a diagnostic tool, and deliver and manage care.