The CAMI Health Team

Jason Trang, CITRIS Summer Intern

Jason joined the CAMI Health team this summer as an intern through the CITRIS program. Since joining in June 2023, he has been actively supporting CAMI Health with a wide range of technical projects. In addition to providing support to CAMI Health, he is eager to acquire practical skills in digital storytelling, database creation and development, as well as project management and leadership skills. He will also be applying his academic background to aid in developing an investment hub on the IMPT website.

Jason is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management at the University of California Santa Cruz with plans to graduate in 2024. Balancing his commitment to work and studies, he finds joy in diverse activities spending time at the gym, experimenting with culinary creations in the kitchen, or immersing himself in the world of gaming. Jason also harbors a deep love for the serene and fulfilling experience of fishing.