The CAMI Health Team

Kathreen Daria, MPH, Program Associate

Kathreen Daria joins CAMI Health to lead communications and advocacy for innovative resources and broaden the IMPT learning network’s reach to ensure positive health outcomes for all women. Her public health history has led to working with diverse populations; however, she aspires to provide socially just solutions for health issues affecting young women through methods like multisector collaborations, community-based research, and data visualization.

While she is multi-passionate, Kathreen has focused on leveraging mass media and community partnerships to empower young people to become agents of change; advocating for comprehensive, inclusive, and culturally competent sexuality education in California; and exploring the impact of wildfires on maternal and child health, in particular developmental variations from fetus to adulthood.

She earned her Master’s in Public Health from the University of San Francisco and Bachelor’s in Public Health Policy from the University of California, Irvine. Kathreen spends her free time experimenting with new recipes and volunteering to help her underserved community members.