CAMI Health

CAMI Health is dedicated to improving the health of women and girls worldwide. We address complex public health problems impacting women and their families by building and leading learning networks. We foster collaborations, manage knowledge, and set priorities for action. We have nearly two decades of experience leading impactful activities in alignment with our mission, whether by managing a learning network or providing technical assistance on other women’s health projects.

CAMI Health’s primary project is managing the international network to advance the field of MPTs, the Initiative for MPTs (IMPT), as Secretariat. Looking ahead, we aim to build on this successful learning network model to create programmatic sustainability and continue to advocate for women and girls to live healthy, happy lives. This could include CAMI Health’s expansion into other critical areas supportive of women and girls’ empowerment and sexual and reproductive health. Contact us to explore partnership opportunities and stay tuned for new projects!

Our Approach

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Organizational Capacity

As we pursue other projects in support of the CAMI Health mission, we offer a range of skillsets and experience managing learning networks.

The Initiative for MPTs

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Our History

CAMI Health has been building collaborations towards realizing new innovations in contraception and infection prevention since 2001.

What is a learning network?
There are many different kinds of networks: social networks (e.g., Facebook or LinkedIn), movement networks, innovation networks, impact networks, and, learning networks. Learning networks aim to facilitate partner connections and information-sharing and to create a platform for organically-grown coordinated action. At the core, the ‘network manager’ pushes information out, pulls information back in from the peripheral network members, and then facilitates information exchange across the IMPT network. From this connectivity and communication, action is expected but not deliberately coordinated.